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Chirper: twitter clone WebApp with .NET front-end and Cassandra NoSql back-end

Chirper is the first open-source non trivial web application example with .NET/NoSql integration. Chirper implements a simple twitter clone that, unlike twitter :P, uses Cassandra as its only database. It would’ve been probably cooler to code Chirper it in Ruby or in Python but, unfortunately, this is already done. Chirper’s front-end is written in C# / […]

User authentication in Asp.NET MVC using Cassandra and HectorSharp

In this post we will write a sample account management system for Asp.NET MVC applications using Cassandra as a back-end and HectorSharp as Cassandra’s .NET client.

Cassandra meets Hector(Sharp)

A few days ago, I set up a Cassandra node on my machine.  Time to write some code now! In this post, we’ll get started with HectorSharp, a .NET client for Cassandra.

Cassandra’s data model cheat sheet

Cassandra is a structured store. It has a rich data model that goes beyond a simple key-value model. This is a good thing as some of the complexity can be pushed to Cassandra, leading to simpler and more efficient applications. This post walks through the different data model elements.

Cassandra up and running on windows in 10 min (or so)

I was surprised how easy it is to set up and run the Apache key-value store Cassandra on Windows. There is no self-contained Windows-based installer, but I got it running from the extracted archive quite easily. All I wanted to do is to get it up and running quickly and do some basic testing. No fancy […]