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Benchmarking numeric base conversion in C#, Java and Scala

A few days ago, I needed to encode numeric identifiers in a short and url-safe format. Something similar to what url shorteners use (e.g. jcsSXP in Encoding the ids in base 64 would work if an alternative alphabet is provided for the non url-safe symbols. But since I wanted to have only alpha-numeric characters, I chose […]

Binary Heap, Heap Sort and Priority Queue

In this post I share another code Kata : an implementation of a binary heap. Once we have the heap implemented, we will easily deduce a heap sort and a priority queue based on it. It takes about 100 lines of C# code.

Recursive and Iterative Merge Sort Implementations

I find merge sort elegant and easy to implement and to understand for both iterative and recursive approaches. In this post I’ll share a quick (and probably dirty) iterative and recursive implementations of merge sort. Both versions share exactly the same merge operation. The implementation takes less than 30 lines of C#.

I see Deadlocks everywhere!

The free lunch is over and we definitely have to scale by adding more and more cores. Wether we like it or not, we’ll be coding and debugging multi-threaded applications in the near future. The bad news is multi-threading is hard to deal with. Really hard. What is surprising is that even some thick reference books […]

User authentication in Asp.NET MVC using Cassandra and HectorSharp

In this post we will write a sample account management system for Asp.NET MVC applications using Cassandra as a back-end and HectorSharp as Cassandra’s .NET client.