Chirper: twitter clone WebApp with .NET front-end and Cassandra NoSql back-end

Chirper is the first open-source non trivial web application example with .NET/NoSql integration. Chirper implements a simple twitter clone that, unlike twitter :P, uses Cassandra as its only database. It would’ve been probably cooler to code Chirper it in Ruby or in Python but, unfortunately, this is already done.

Chirper’s front-end is written in C# / MVC 2.0. The back-end is based on Cassandra using the Aquiles library. The source code is freely available under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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I see Deadlocks everywhere!

The free lunch is over and we definitely have to scale by adding more and more cores. Wether we like it or not, we’ll be coding and debugging multi-threaded applications in the near future.

The bad news is multi-threading is hard to deal with. Really hard. What is surprising is that even some thick reference books covering the subject are mixing up concepts and adding more to the reader’s confusion. I’ve run into such an example recently while having a look at the multi-threading chapter of  C# 3.0 Cookbook, 3rd Edition –then I discovered a similar example in More Effective C#: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your C#. We will go into the details in this post.

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A Ruby command-line option parsing template

Even utility scripts should be robust and well documented. It’s a pain to have to read a script source to figure out what it is doing and what are the possible parameters and how they are used. In this post I share a script template I use for my Ruby scripts.
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User authentication in Asp.NET MVC using Cassandra and HectorSharp

In this post we will write a sample account management system for Asp.NET MVC applications using Cassandra as a back-end and HectorSharp as Cassandra’s .NET client.

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Cassandra meets Hector(Sharp)

A few days ago, I set up a Cassandra node on my machine.  Time to write some code now! In this post, we’ll get started with HectorSharp, a .NET client for Cassandra.

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