Archive for May 2010

A Ruby command-line option parsing template

Even utility scripts should be robust and well documented. It’s a pain to have to read a script source to figure out what it is doing and what are the possible parameters and how they are used. In this post I share a script template I use for my Ruby scripts.

User authentication in Asp.NET MVC using Cassandra and HectorSharp

In this post we will write a sample account management system for Asp.NET MVC applications using Cassandra as a back-end and HectorSharp as Cassandra’s .NET client.

Cassandra meets Hector(Sharp)

A few days ago, I set up a Cassandra node on my machine. ¬†Time to write some code now! In this post, we’ll get started with¬†HectorSharp, a .NET client for Cassandra.

Cassandra’s data model cheat sheet

Cassandra is a structured store. It has a rich data model that goes beyond a simple key-value model. This is a good thing as some of the complexity can be pushed to Cassandra, leading to simpler and more efficient applications. This post walks through the different data model elements.